Notice Regarding Fair Attendance:

(1). Students must be present at the board to be judged.  If on a restroom break, students should leave a conspicuous note at their board with an estimated time of return.  For team projects, at least 50% of a team must be present to be judged.

(2). Students represent their school to the public viewing time 5-6PM.  Students are expected to stay until 6PM when judging is over and fair ends. If they must leave before 6, students have to be signed out by their parent or legal guardian. Boards removed before 6 PM are disqualified


Fair Information for students:
2017-what-to-expect at the fair,

Project Display Rules and Helpful Hints for Project Display


Teachers from middle school with more than 6 projects to check in on March 22nd for their students may register for Group Check-In for Middle School Projects.


Fair Check-in Day March 22, 2017

Forms must be taped to the desk in front of the project display board March 22nd after Check-In.
At 6PM March 23rd when the fair closes, these forms belong to the students to use as they wish.