1) Choose a sponsor

Read about who can sponsor you.

2) Attend a Workshop (optional, but recommended)

Check the Calendar in the Fall of the school year for any helpful workshops. At this time all workshops for teachers and clinics for students have been completed.

3) Choose a project

There are many considerations that go into choosing your project. Make sure to review the following before making your choice.

Project Categories
Judging Criteria
Review the Planning & Preparation section of the website.
Determine whether your project would require pre-approval via additional forms.

4) Complete and submit application by deadline

  1. Complete Online Application Form
  2. Complete 2017-Supplemental-Application
  3. Complete Detailed Research Plan
  4. Complete Additional Required Forms
  5. Mail all of above along with registration fees to:


P.O. Box 307
Los Altos, Ca., 94023

Registration Fees are: $15 per student or $30 per team. Payable by Cash or Check