Application Forms 2020

Complete Steps 1 – 3 before beginning Step 4.

  1. Read Instructions for Completing Application Form
  2. Complete online registration and print Page 1 of Application Form
  3. Complete and print the Supplemental Application Forms via interactive PDF
  4. Complete and print a Detailed Research Plan plus any Additional Forms which may be required.

Detailed Research Plan

These are WORD documents which you can download to your computer. (You may need to use the SAVE AS command and close some security dialog boxes to see the document open in Word.)  Once you have saved the document on your computer, (1) type in complete answers, (2) save as a completed document, and (3) print out the completed form and add it to your project Application.

Additional Forms

The following forms may be completed online from the ISEF form templates, saved, printed out and sent in with your application.

Form (1C)Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial SettingTo be completed by the Supervising Adult AFTER an RRI project is complete.
Form (2)Qualified ScientistRequired for any project involving humans, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents and controlled substances. Submit BEFORE experimentation begins.
Form (3)Risk AssessmentRequired for any project using hazardous chemicals, activities or devices, and microorganisms that are exempt from pre-approval. Submit BEFORE experimentation begins.
Form (4)Human ParticipantsRequired for SRC-pre-approval of any project involving human participants. Submit BEFORE experimentation begins.
SampleHuman Informed ConsentSample consent form is required for ANY project involving humans
Form (5A)Vertebrate AnimalRequired for SRC pre-approval of any project involving animals with bones
Form (6A)Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Risk AssessmentRequired for SRC pre-approval of any project involving microorganisms, rDNA, tissue, blood, or body fluids; submit BEFORE experimentation begins.
Form (6B)Human and Vertebrate Animal TissueRequired for SRC pre-approval of any project involving tissue, blood, or body fluids; submit BEFORE experimentation begins.
Form (7)Continuation/Research Progression ProjectsRequired for SRC pre-approval of any project that continues in the same field of study as a previous project.


Forms for Fair Check-in Day

Registration will go much smoother and faster on check-in day if each project has the following paperwork completed when the projects enter South Hall at SJCC:

  • Compliance-Checklist (not an interactive PDF). One copy per project required.  (The 2-page Compliance Checklist can be printed (double-sided) and copies distributed to the students to complete by hand.
  • Project abstract. Download, complete and save this interactive form.  Bring a minimum of two copies per project (see below).
  • High School students with a professional mentor (RRI projects) must also bring in 2 copies of the completed Form 1C: Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form (or one more copy if one is already in their application).
  • If instructed after project review, projects using human subjects (Form 4 in the application) must bring in a signed Informed Consent Form from EACH participating subject.

The Project Abstract is an interactive PDF or Word document that can be downloaded, completed, saved and printed. A master copy of the Abstract will be collected during registration and attached to the student’s Application.  Students need to bring duplicate Abstract copies for presentation at their display board (Middle School projects need 10 copies, High School projects need 10-15 copies).  The Abstract and Compliance Checklist forms must be taped to the desk in front of the project display board after Check-In.

See the Project Display Rules for information about these forms. At 6 PM on Judging Day, when the fair closes, these forms belong to the students to use as they wish.