2018 Application forms will be available after Sept 15

  1. Read Instructions for Completing Application Form
  2. Complete Page 1 of Application Form Online
  3. Complete Pages 2–8 of the 2017-Supplemental-Application Form via interactive PDF (on a Mac use Option click)
  4. Add any Additional Forms which may be required

Detailed Research Plan

These are WORD documents which you can download to your computer. (You may need to use the SAVE AS command and close some security dialog boxes to see the document open in Word.)  Once you have saved the document on your computer, (1) type in complete answers, (2) save as a completed document, and (3) print out the completed form and add it to your project Application.

Additional Forms

Most of these forms can be completed online from the Intel ISEF form templates, printed out when complete, and sent in with your application.  see:

Form 1C: Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form
Form 2: Qualified Scientist Form
Form 3: Risk Assessment Form
Form 4: Human Subjects and Informed Consent Form
Sample Informed Consent Statement
Form 5: Vertebrate Animal Form (5A and 5B)
Form 6A: Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form
Form 6B: Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form
Form 7: Continuation Projects Form
2017-Abstract (needed March 14th to register at Synopsys Championship)
2017-Compliance-Checklist (needed March 14th to register at Synopsys Championship)


Fair Check-in Day March 14, 2018

Forms must be taped to the desk in front of the project display board March 14th after Check-In.
At 6PM March 15th when the fair closes, these forms belong to the students to use as they wish.