Application Instructions

Please read the Intel ISEF Rules and Guidelines before you start your project. 

As an Intel ISEF affiliated fair, the Synopsys Championship follows Intel ISEF Rules and has adapted the forms that appear on the ISEF web site. SCVSEFA web pages provide information about requirements and procedures that are specific to the Synopsys Championship. 

After you complete each step of the application process, print 2 copies of the completed form(s).  Save a copy for your personal records and use the other copy to assemble the application that you will submit to SCVSEFA.

Step 1)  Complete Page 1 of the Application Form ONLINE

Provide the project name and category, sponsor information, and student/parent info for each team member. The form must be completed in one sitting, so gather all the information before you begin.  After you select the SUBMIT button at the end of the online registration, you will see a link to print the completed registration form.

Step 2) Complete the Supplemental Application Form via Interactive PDF

This form should be filled in using Adobe PDF Reader and then printed. Handwritten forms will not be accepted with the exception of signatures and the last 2 forms for parental consent.

Note: Every team member must complete both the Student and Parent Consent forms (Form 1B, pp 7-8).

Step 3) Determine if you need Additional Forms for your project

The Rules Wizard at the ISEF Website may help you determine if you need any special forms. Then gather and complete the required forms.

Step 4) Complete a Detailed Research Plan

Depending on your project, choose the Science Research Plan, Engineering Research Plan or Product Testing Plan. You may also need to complete the Human-Participants Research Plan.

Step 5)  Submit your application to SCVSEFA by the appropriate deadline

Enclose a check or cash for the application fee: $20 for an individual project or $30 for a team project.
Mail to SCVSEFA, P.O. Box 307, Los Altos CA 94023
Hand deliver to 1275 Martin Avenue, Palo Alto CA 94301.