Application Instructions

Please review the information in the 2017-handbook prior to completing the Application.

1) Complete Page 1 of the Application form ONLINE

This will include the project name and category, sponsor information, and student/parent info for each team member. You should have all information handy before completing the form as the form needs to be completed in one sitting.  After you select the SUBMIT button at the end of the online registration, you will see a link to select the printout of the completed registration form.

Print out 2 copies of the completed online form.  Save 1 copy for your personal records, and add the 2nd copy to pages 2–8 of the application (see step 2 below).

2) Complete 2017-Supplemental-Application form via Interactive PDF

This form should be filled in using Adobe PDF Reader, then printed out. Pages 2–4 allow interactive input, but 5–8 do not. Handwritten forms will not be accepted with the exception of signatures.

Save the completed Supplemental Application to your Computer using the SAVE AS command.

Print out 2 copies of the completed Supplemental Application form.  Save 1 copy for your personal records, and add the 2nd copy to the additional application pages as needed (see steps 3 & 4 below).

3) Determine if you need any special forms for your project

Use this form Wizard at ISEF Website or  review Forms Checklist (page 6 of Handbook).

Then gather and complete special forms.

4) Complete a Detailed Research Plan

Depending on your project, choose the Science Research Plan, Engineering Research Plan,  Product-Testing Plan, or Human-Participants Research Plan

5) Each team member must complete both Student and Parent Consent forms (Form 1B, pp7-8) found within the Supplemental Application form.