Important Dates

Applications submitted to the 2020 Synopsys Championshipmust be RECEIVED BY midnight onfor SRC Review
Meeting on
(Safety /
for Institutional
Review Board
Meeting on
(Human subjects
To get SRC Pre-Approval in October
Oct 15, 2019Oct 19Oct 19
To get SRC Pre-Approval in NovemberNov 12, 2019Nov 16Nov 16
FINAL for ALL projects that need SRC Pre-Approval
Dec 3, 2019Dec 7Dec 7
To get SRC approval in January of project changes & any projects NOT needing pre-approvalJan 7, 2020Jan 11NONE
FINAL for review of project changes & all projects NOT needing pre-approvalJan 21, 2020Jan 25

Applications may be submitted any time after the 2020 application is open on the web site until midnight on the FINAL day.** Applications will be reviewed at the SRC/IRB meeting that follows their receipt by SCVSEFA.

*The Institutional Review Board (IRB) must review projects involving human subjects, and it meets only on the dates indicated.  For that reason, projects using human subjects (either by experimentation or survey) that are received after 12/3/2019 will NOT be accepted.

Send applications via U.S. mail to SCVSEFA, P.O. Box 307, Los Altos, CA 94023.

** Postmark dates: If an application arrives by US mail after a final receipt date, it will be accepted for review if the postmark is, at the latest, the day before the receipt date.
Exception: Projects that require IRB review must arrive in time for the FINAL IRB meeting on 12/7/2019.

Applications may be hand-delivered to 1275 Martin Avenue in Palo Alto. Please put them in the drop-off box on the front porch.

Fall 2019 Schedule of Student Clinics & Teacher Workshops

March 11-12, 2020, the Synopsys Championship will be held in the South Hall of the San Jose Convention Center

March 11 – Display board registration and placement on the exhibit hall floor 12-6 PM.

March 12 – Judging 1:30 – 6 PM. Students must be at their display boards during this time.

The 2020 Synopsys Championship Awards Ceremonies will be held on April 5, 2020 at the Heritage Theater in Campbell

There will be a ceremony from 1 – 3 PM for middle school award recipients and from 3:30 – 5:30 PM for high school award recipients.

Student winners will be invited to the awards ceremony when the winners’ list is posted on the website (approximately 1 week following the fair).