Day of Fair

Championship Judging Day

Thursday, March 14, 2019,  1:30-6 PM
High school students enter the exhibit hall at 1:25 PM
Middle school students enter the exhibit hall at 1:55 PM
Public Viewing 5  – 6 PM

Exception: students who need to complete compliance requirements before judging should arrive and will be admitted 30 minutes ahead of time to get final approval and retrieve their badges.


San Jose McEnery Convention Center, South Hall at Market Street & Balbach (looks like a big blue & white tent)

Policy Notice Regarding Fair Attendance:

  1. Students must be present at the board to be judged.  If on a restroom break, students should leave a conspicuous note at their board with an estimated time of return.  For team projects, at least one of the authors must be present.
  2. Students represent their school to the public during viewing time 5-6 PM. Students are expected to stay until 6 PM when judging is over and fair ends. If they must leave before 6, students must be signed out by their parent or legal guardian. Boards removed before 6 may be disqualified.
  3. School classroom teachers (not parents/mentors/sponsors) may sign up to be aisle supervisors during the judging period 1:30-6PM by contacting the fair manager.

What to bring to the Fair

  • Name Badge from check-in day (ask a volunteer for help if you have lost/forgotten your badge)
  • Floor plan map to your project
  • Bottled Water (no water fountains are available inside the South Hall)
  • Snack (no food is available inside the South Hall)
  • A book, an iPad, etc. to occupy your mind during the quiet time between judges.

During judging

You are expected to be at your project display from 1:30 PM (high school) or 2:00 PM (middle school) until at least 5 PM.

If you are not at your project when judges come by, you may be disqualified. Leave a note (with a time indication) at your project if you have gone to the restroom.

For team projects, at least one team member must be present for the project to be judged, but judges prefer to talk to all the team members.

You may be required to stay by your project after 5 pm so that we can complete judging. Otherwise, you’ll be able to spend the time until 6 PM looking at other students’ projects.

Judges will probably come to speak with you one at a time. There are 2 groups of Judges and both are important.

  • Category Judges are judging for 1st, 2nd and HM awards in scientific categories. Please ask the Category Judges (wearing badges with blue ribbons) to sign your Compliance Checklist.
  • Special Awards Judges (wearing badges with white ribbons) are seeking projects that meet award-specific criteria.

Remove projects between 6 and 6:30 PM only. Early removal may result in disqualification.

Printable guide: What to expect tomorrow