2018 Changes from Last Year’s Rules and Procedures

  • The Synopsys Championship is March 14-15, 2018.
  • There are revised postmark and hand delivery deadlines for applications and a new drop-off address: 1275 Martin Avenue in Palo Alto.
  • The application fee is $20 for individual projects and $30 for team projects.
  • No changes will be allowed to projects that require SRC approval after the Nov 24 deadline. For non-SRC projects, the applicable deadline is Feb. 2
  • Parent sponsored projects (PSPs) are NOT permitted UNLESS the school does not have any teacher to support the student (high school) or teachers do not support specific grade levels (middle school).
  • New project limits for middle schools, high schools and teachers.
  • Bioinformatics projects are not allowed for middle school students.
  • ISEF changes for the 2018 fair include rules for human participants in invention, prototype, computer application and engineering/design projects.
  • The SCVSEFA Handbook has been discontinued. The Synopsys Championship follows Intel ISEF Rules and Guidelines. Supplementary information will be updated and integrated into the appropriate SCVSEFA web pages.
NOT changed from last year:

Different SRC reviewers will send email to teachers/students whose applications need further attention. Please respond directly to the specific Sender of any SRC email that you receive.