2017 Changes from Last Year’s Rules/ Procedures

1.  The Synopsys Championship is March 22-23, 2017, which is 1 week later in the school year than previously held.  

2.  Earlier SRC postmark deadline dates.   Applications to the Synopsys Championship which require SRC pre-approval must be submitted with a postmark deadline of  Nov 23, or the Nov 30  hand delivery deadline of 6pm.

3.    No human studies (involving survey or direct human participation) will be accepted after the Nov 23 postmark deadline or Nov 30 hand delivery deadline.

 4.   Several different SRC reviewers will be sending out email notes to teachers/students whose applications need further attention.  Please respond by email to the specific Sender of the SRC email which you receive.

 5.       Expanded definition of RRI.

 6.       New Middle school limits  (30 projects/school)

7.       New SSP forms (Intel ISEF forms) for some projects.



 1.       4 Scientific categories, 15 fields of study

 2.       Biomedical engineering moved to Biological Sciences.