Synopsys Championship Check-In Day is tomorrow, March 14

You’ll find useful information and links on the Student Information and Teacher Information pages.

Bring to Check-In:

  • your project board;
  • your Compliance Checklist
  • copies of your Project Abstract – at least 10 for middle school; 15 for high school
  • any additional forms that you have been asked to bring during the reivew process.


There’s a good chance of rain on both days so be prepared. Note to first time participants: the restrooms for South Hall are located outside the building so an umbrella might be useful.

PowerPoint presentations are not allowed, but you might need your laptop to show a video or demo as part of your project. Make sure it is fully charged as there are no power outlets at the project display tables.

This year try sharing your photos with #synopsyschampionship!