Supplemental Application

2018 Supplemental Application is an interactive PDF form.

This composite form should be filled in using Adobe PDF Reader (on a Mac use Option click), then printed out. Pages 2-4 allow interactive input, but pages 5-8 do not (except for names/dates). Handwritten forms will not be accepted with the exception of signatures.

Note: Each team member must complete both Student and Parent Consent forms (Form 1B, pp 7-8) found within the Supplemental Application form.

Save the completed Supplemental Application to your Computer using the SAVE AS command.

Print out 2 copies of the completed Supplemental Application form.  Keep one copy for your records. The other copy will be attached to the Page 1 printout from the online registration and any Additional Forms that may be required.

Please DO NOT submit pages 3, 6i or 6ii in the final application, as they are for your information only. 

Next step: Detailed Research Plan and Additional Forms