Synopsys Championship Project Status

Projects are grouped by the teachers listed on the applications. Select a teacher below to view the statuses of his or her applications.

TeacherTeacher's School
Andrade (PSP), M.Homeschool - Saratoga
Artiss, T.Harker School-Middle Campus
Balakrishnan (PSP), S.Privately Sponsored Project
Bana, S.Monta Vista High School
Beamon, N.Monta Vista High School
Carroll (SSW mentor), S.Privately Sponsored Project
Chow, P.Monta Vista High School
Conlin, J.Monta Vista High School
Cuellar (SSW mentor), S.Privately Sponsored Project
DeRuiter, S.Monta Vista High School
Deza, S.Challenger - Berryessa
Dornhoffer, T.BASIS Independent Silicon Valley School
Dressen, D.Los Altos High School
Espinosa (PSP), E.BioCurious
Fallon, R.Monta Vista High School
Frazier, D.Monta Vista High School
Furtado, C.Challenger-Middlefield-Palo Alto
Greenstein, D.Monta Vista High School
Grun (PSP), F.Privately Sponsored Project
Hajjarian, P.Monta Vista High School
Hamm, D.Canyon Heights Academy
Holzer (PSP), R.Rosetta Institute of Biomedical Research
Ikezi, C.Saint Francis High School
Ismail (SSW mentor), Y.Privately Sponsored Project
Jennings, M.Monta Vista High School
Jones, K.Monta Vista High School
Kim, J.Monta Vista High School
Koch, K.Monta Vista High School
Ledgerwood, E.Gunn (Henry M.) High School
Lerner, L.Monta Vista High School
Mackewicz, H.Challenger-Strawberry Park-SJ
McCrystal, J.Saratoga High School
Mehta (PSP), H.Privately Sponsored Project
Messenger, C.Los Gatos High School
Messner, N.Sunnyvale Middle School
Moore, S.Monta Vista High School
Morgensen, K.Harker School-Middle Campus
Mueller, S.Monta Vista High School
Nguyen, T.Archbishop Mitty High School
Peng, K.Harker School-Middle Campus
Sabherwal, B.Evergreen Valley High School
Shinta, T.Monta Vista High School
Small, J.Quimby Oak School
Smith, J.Monta Vista High School
Srinivasan, N.Wilcox High School
Stennis, I.Peterson Middle School
Suresh, N.Harte (Bret) Middle School
Takemoto, J.Stratford Middle School - San Jose
VanderVeen, S.Valley Christian High School
Wakefield, J.Homestead High School
Weller, R.Sunnyvale Middle School