Synopsys Championship Project Status

Projects are grouped by the teachers listed on the applications. Select a teacher below to view the statuses of his or her applications.

TeacherTeacher's School
Akhtar, S.Rancho Milpitas Middle School
Blickenstaff, G.Harker School-Upper Campus
Bua, D.A Schmahl Science Workshop
Cahn, M.Leland High School
Carroll (SSW mentor), S.Privately Sponsored Project
Chambers (SSW mentor), E.Privately Sponsored Project
Chatterjee (SSW mentor), A.Privately Sponsored Project
Chow, P.Monta Vista High School
Conlin, J.Monta Vista High School
D'Souza, S.Challenger - Sunnyvale
DeRuiter, S.Monta Vista High School
Failor, K.Stanford Online High School
Fallon, R.Monta Vista High School
Ferrante, E.Cupertino High School
Frazier, D.Monta Vista High School
Greenstein, D.Monta Vista High School
Gupta, K.Monta Vista High School
Hajjarian, P.Monta Vista High School
Hall, T.Leland High School
Harley, M.Harker School-Upper Campus
Huff, R.Valley Christian High School
Hughes, T.Presentation High School
Ismail (SSW mentor), Y.Privately Sponsored Project
Jones, K.Monta Vista High School
Kim, T.Challenger - Harwood
Koltermann, C.Magnolia Science Acad of Santa Clara
Lerner, L.Monta Vista High School
Lum, S.Challenger - Berryessa
Lutze, J.Leland High School
Mackewicz, H.Challenger-Strawberry Park-SJ
McCarty, K.Monta Vista High School
McKenna, R.Sacred Heart Middle School
Messenger, C.Los Gatos High School
Miller, D.Evergreen Valley High School
Morgensen, K.Harker School-Middle Campus
Murthy, A.Basis Independent Silicon Valley School
Nelson, E.Harker School-Upper Campus
Nguyen, T.Archbishop Mitty High School
Peng, K.Harker School-Middle Campus
Pham, L.Old Orchard School
Pistacchi, M.Harker School-Upper Campus
Ranabhor, M.Miller Middle School
Reyes Paredes (SSW), O.A Schmahl Science Workshop
Roy, D.Bellarmine College Preparatory
Schafer, K.Harker School-Upper Campus
Shinta, T.Monta Vista High School
Spenner, C.Harker School-Upper Campus
Stavis, D.Cupertino High School
Sundaresakumar, P.Stratford Middle School - San Jose
Verna, T.Silver Creek High School
Warr, T.Jordan (David Starr) Middle School
Wong, R.Bellarmine College Preparatory
Wright, D.Piedmont Middle School
Yi, L.Notre Dame High School
Zizmor, E.Gunn (Henry M.) High School