Synopsys Championship Project Status

Projects are grouped by the teachers listed on the applications. Select a teacher below to view the statuses of his or her applications.

TeacherTeacher's School
Abb, W.Archbishop Mitty High School
Aiyer, A.Harker School-Upper Campus
Al-Shehabi, J.Granada Islamic School
Allamandola, P.Andrew Hill High School
Allena, L.Miller Middle School
Ameen , S.Miller Middle School
Ames, R.Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School
Amman, A.Yavneh Day School
Antink, S.Palo Alto High School
Artiss, T.Harker School-Middle Campus
Banarjee, S.Magnolia Science Acad of Santa Clara
Baranoff, L.Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
Barnes, S.Miller Middle School
Basu, B.Challenger - Shawnee
Batti, K.Most Holy Trinity
Bergeron, B.Buchser Middle School
Berghout, F.Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School
Berghout, N.Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School
Bhandare, K.Merryhill Schools -Milpitas
Bhattacharyya (PSP), D.Cupertino Middle School
Blickenstaff, G.Harker School-Upper Campus
Bloch, L.Saint Andrews School
Brindos, A.Buchser Middle School
Brown, A.Saint Christopher School
Bui, J.Merryhill Schools -Milpitas
Cahn, M.Leland High School
Carlson, B.Terman Middle School
Carroll (SSW Mentor), S.Privately Sponsored Project
Carter, J.Lawson Middle School
Casey, K.Terman Middle School
Cervantes, N.Silver Creek High School
Chambers( SSW Mentor), E.A Schmahl Science Workshop
Chang, K.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Chatterjee, A.A Schmahl Science Workshop
Cheadle, A.Evergreen Valley High School
Cheng, P.Carden Day School of San Jose
Chiang, T.Privately Sponsored Project
Chiong, T.Privately Sponsored Project
Chou, T.Miller Middle School
Chow, P.Monta Vista High School
Chung, K.Stratford Middle School - San Jose
Connolly, C.Chaboya School
Dalvand, T.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Davis, T.Yavneh Day School
Day, K.Saint Francis High School
DeGregorio, C.Terman Middle School
DeMuth, L.Cupertino High School
DeRuiter, S.Monta Vista High School
Deshmukh, D.Challenger - Sunnyvale
Dimas, D.Santa Teresa High School
Dobos, C.Wilcox High School
Dunbar, B.Gunn (Henry M.) High School
Ehly, A.Magnolia Science Acad of Santa Clara
Erlendson, W.Palo Alto High School
Evashenk, V.Notre Dame High School
Fallon, R.Monta Vista High School
Ferrante, E.Cupertino High School
Fletcher, K.Jordan (David Starr) Middle School
Flora, V.Piedmont Middle School
Fohner, N.Peterson Middle School
Francis, M.Murphy (Martin) Middle School
Frazier, D.Monta Vista High School
Fung, S.Homestead High School
Gasparik, N.Miller Middle School
Goldenkranz, A.Monta Vista High School
Goldsworthy, E.Jordan (David Starr) Middle School
Greathouse, S.Homeschool (Greathouse)
Greenbaum, M.Blach Intermediate School
Greenfield, S.Miller Middle School
Greenstein, D.Monta Vista High School
Guadiamos, M.Monta Vista High School
Gupta, P.Privately Sponsored Project
Hajjarian, P.Monta Vista High School
Hale, S.Basis Independent Silicon Valley School
Hannon, T.Archbishop Mitty High School
Hansen, S.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
He, G.Basis Independent Silicon Valley School
Henson, H.Magnolia Science Acad of Santa Clara
Hilario-Pigg, R.Saint Joseph School (Mountain View)
Hoppe, M.Willow Glen Middle School
Hori, N.Cabrillo Middle School
Hu, R.Blach Intermediate School
Huff, R.Valley Christian High School
Hughes, T.Presentation High School
Hulgan, N.Cabrillo Middle School
Hyder, R.Redwood Middle School
Ibanga, O.Hyde Middle School
Ismail (SSW Mentor), Y.Privately Sponsored Project
Ivy, H.Valley Christian High School
Iyer, K.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Jain (Mentor), V.Privately Sponsored Project
Janda, M.Bellarmine College Preparatory
Jenkinson, ..Stratford Middle School - Santa Clara
Jones, K.Monta Vista High School
Juarez, T.Terman Middle School
Kammp, K.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Katuri (PSP), S.Stratford Middle School - Santa Clara
Khalaf (SSW mentor), I.Privately Sponsored Project
Khanna, M.Champion School
Kim, G.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Kueh, J.Homestead High School
Kumar, N.Delphi Academy-Campbell
Lahiri (PSP), I.Stratford Middle School - Santa Clara
Lampard, G.Stratford Middle School - Santa Clara
Lee (PSP), M.Privately Sponsored Project
Lee, J.Cabrillo Middle School
Lee, J.Gunn (Henry M.) High School
Lee, J.Lynbrook High School
Lesieutre, T.Canyon Heights Academy
Leung, L.Lynbrook High School
Levine, E.Carden Academy of Almaden
Lindemann, B.Bellarmine College Preparatory
Louris, S.Basis Independent Silicon Valley School
Lu, W.Seven Pillars House
Lubbs, S.Evergreen Valley High School
Lum, S.Challenger - Berryessa
Luo, L.Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School
Mackewicz, H.Challenger-Strawberry Park-SJ
Maheshwari, R.Privately Sponsored Project
Mains, L.Sobrato (Ann) High School
McCarty, K.Monta Vista High School
McCown, K.Cabrillo Middle School
McCrystal, J.Saratoga High School
McKenna, M.Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School
McKenna, R.Sacred Heart Middle School
McNaughton, K.Columbia Middle School
Melnick, M.Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School
Menon, P.Challenger - Sunnyvale
Messenger, C.Los Gatos High School
Metica-Pongol, C.Evergreen Valley High School
Middleman, E.Castilleja School
Miller, D.Evergreen Valley High School
Mitchell, N.Gardner Bullis Elem. School
Mitchell, N.Gardner Bullis Elem. School
Monahan, L.Jordan (David Starr) Middle School
Mondal, P.Challenger - Almaden
Moore, S.Monta Vista High School
Morgensen, B.Harker School-Middle Campus
Morgensen, K.Harker School-Middle Campus
Moritz, K.Allen at Steinbeck
Mueller, S.Monta Vista High School
Murthy, A.Basis Independent Silicon Valley School
Musallam, R.Terman Middle School
Nair, D.Stratford Middle School - Santa Clara
Nelson, E.Harker School-Upper Campus
Nguyen, T.Challenger - Sunnyvale
O'Connell, C.Gunn (Henry M.) High School
Oliveira, J.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Oliver, H.Harte (Bret) Middle School
Onodera, M.Monta Vista High School
Overby, J.Branham High School
Park (mentor), S.Gunn (Henry M.) High School
Park, K.Hyde Middle School
Parke, T.Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School
Peng, K.Harker School-Middle Campus
Pham, L.Old Orchard School
Polychronopoulis, C.Redwood Middle School
Pon, E.Loyola School
Popescu, C.Miller Middle School
Popescu, O.Miller Middle School
Pound, S.Jordan (David Starr) Middle School
Proulx, J.King's Academy
Quan, J.Oak Grove High School
Qureshi, S.Granada Islamic School
Raghaven, M.Harker School-Upper Campus
Rai, P.Privately Sponsored Project
Raman, T.Challenger-Middlefield-Palo Alto
Ranabhor, M.Miller Middle School
Randall, A.Los Altos High School
Ranganathan, A.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Reddy-Best, K.Cupertino Middle School
Resnick, E.Murphy (Martin) Middle School
Rice, G.Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School
Richards, L.Milpitas Christian School (6-8)
Rivas (PSP), E.Buchser Middle School
Rolland, L.Blach Intermediate School
Roy, D.Bellarmine College Preparatory
Saha, S.Privately Sponsored Project
Salzmann, A.Stanford (Jane Lathrop) Middle School
Scharmen, C.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Schmahl (mentor), K.A Schmahl Science Workshop
Scofield, A.Saint Leo the Great
Scott, K.Fremont High School
Segal, L.Saint Francis High School
Segesta, M.Terman Middle School
Selvapragaasam (PSP), R.Stratford Middle School - Santa Clara
Shah, R.Miller Middle School
Shariff, M.Miller Middle School
Shelby, J.Homestead High School
Shinta, T.Monta Vista High School
Shioji, A.Yerba Buena High School
Shotwell, J.Columbia Middle School
Sloan, C.Buchser Middle School
Solomon, J.Evergreen Valley High School
Sommer, D.Harker School-Middle Campus
Sousa, G.Valley Christian High School
Spenner, C.Harker School-Upper Campus
Srinath, P.Miller Middle School
Stavis, D.Cupertino High School
Stavis, D.Cupertino High School
Steinke, L.Saint Francis High School
Stevens, B.Lynbrook High School
Subramanian (PSP), K.Privately Sponsored Project
Subramanyan(PSP), L.Privately Sponsored Project
Sundaresakumar, P.Stratford Middle School - San Jose
Suresh, N.Morrill Middle School
Takemoto, J.Stratford Middle School - San Jose
Tan, A.Leland High School
Tang, J.Miller Middle School
Targgart, M.Archbishop Mitty High School
Thaler, M.Gunn (Henry M.) High School
Thomas, J.Saint Francis High School
Toma, R.Palo Alto High School
Trask, M.Piedmont Hills High School
Tu, X.Don Callejon Middle Sch.
Tuers, M.Valley Christian Junior High School
Udayamurthy, M.Murphy (Martin) Middle School
Ujifusa, A.Cupertino High School
Verna, T.Silver Creek High School
Vora (PSP), R.Stratford Middle School - Santa Clara
Walz, D.Evergreen Valley High School
Watts, L.Kennedy(John F.) Middle School-Cupertino
Wicht, L.Saint Joseph of Cupertino Elem School
Wiedemann, M.Stratford Middle School - Santa Clara
Williams, C.Cupertino High School
Wilmot, S.Oakwood High School
Wong, R.Bellarmine College Preparatory
Zizmor, E.Gunn (Henry M.) High School