Registration & Guidelines for Mentors

If you would like to share your science and engineering expertise with interested students, then being a mentor is a great way for you to get involved. You can directly increase the student’s project quality while providing inspiration to tomorrow’s professionals.

Procedure for being a mentor:

Step 1: Fill out the MENTORPROFILE-word describing your background and interests.

Step 2: E-mail the information back to our the Mentor Program Coordinator (

Step 3: Once approved, this information will be posted on our website and will be available for students to review.

Step 4: The students will complete their research project dialog form (see above, Guidelines for students), and submit to the mentor committee for review.

Step 5: Once the research plan is approved, the mentor committee will forward the students’ research plan to the appropriate mentor. The mentor will contact the mentee via email or phone and begin mentoring the project.

Step 6: As a mentor, you will communicate, provide support and guidance to the student, and help answer their questions.