FAQ for Mentors/Mentees

We’ve discovered that during our recent web-site conversion from Google Sites to WordPress the content of some policy pages got out of sync with the policies that were in force during the 2014 Synopsys Championship. We are currently reviewing this page and other policy pages on this site for accuracy.

1) What are the goals of the mentor-mentee program?

The goal of the mentor-mentee program is to improve the students’ existing project. This program is intended to increase interaction between the professional community and local students. This program is not intended to be a forum for students to find jobs or internships. This program is not meant to convert the project into a 1st place entry, but to offer appropriate guidance and help to the students.

2) Can the mentee meet face-face with a mentor?

Absolutely not. There will not be any face to face meetings with the mentor due to serious liability concerns. The mentor program is for e-mail contact and/or phone contact only. The student mentee and the mentor can choose to establish the most convenient and effective mode of communication. Phone dialog will only occur if the mentor gives the student his/her phone number.

3) I do not have a project plan, can the mentor help me to come up with a research plan?

No. The students must have a research topic, question and plan already outlined. The mentor program is an adjunct for interested students to improve their project quality by using an outside-of-school mentor. The student gains from not only improved project quality but also the experience of interacting with another adult on a topic of mutual interest.

4) How does the mentor program help the mentors?

The program provides a wonderful opportunity for adults to give back to the community as well as utilize their interests and expertise to help students.

5) How many students can a mentor support at a time?

We recommend the mentors accept no more than three concurrent mentees.

6) Do the students have to pay any fee for the mentor-mentee program?

No, the program is free and a voluntary program. Our mentors are all volunteer professionals from the community.

7) How soon will I hear once I submit my request for seeking a mentor through this program?

1-2 weeks, depending on the mentor availability and processing of the information. So it is best for the students to provide all the required information and complete the project research plan.


Thank you for considering the mentor-mentee program- a wonderful opportunity to positively impact today’s youth.




If any questions or suggestions please contact the Mentor Program Coordinator (mentors@science-fair.org).