IMPORTANT: As of 9/1/2017 the Mentors program is temporarily suspended while it is under review.



What sticky questions will the judges ask on judging day?

If only somebody could point out possible project problems earlier.

Would you like to be sure your project is on track?

If the answer is yes, read on…

Students have an opportunity to contact (via email) a scientist or engineer who can provide suggestions to improve your project procedures before you start to build a prototype or run your experiment.

This is an opportunity to make sure you have thought through the procedures, have adequate controls and appropriate measurements for what you plan to do, This is NOT designed for you to pick an expert’s brain for ideas about what to do for a project.

Introduction to the Mentor Program

This Mentor Program is a pilot program for students to promote quality science research. Interested students can improve their project quality by using an outside-of-school mentor. The program provides a wonderful opportunity for adults to give back to the community as well as utilize their interests and expertise to help students. The student gains from not only improved project quality but also the experience of interacting with another adult on a topic of mutual interest.

Registration & Guidelines for Mentors

Guidelines for Students

If you would like another opinion regarding ways to improve your project quality this mentor program is for you.

We have compiled a list of volunteer mentors with diverse educational backgrounds and interests. The mentors are grouped by project scientific category. If you don’t find a mentor with the interests that match your project, keep checking back as we are always recruiting new mentors.

Procedure for Finding a Mentor