Final application deadline is Jan. 26

2017 Project applications must be postmarked on or before January 26th.

Students are responsible for checking this Science Fair web site to see the status of their application.

  • Use the Check Project Status button on the bottom left of this page. Projects are grouped by teacher or by private sponsor name.
  • If an application is not yet “Accepted” the student should check his/her own email for a message about what more information is needed and follow up with the teacher or sponsor, if necessary.
  • If an application was submitted for the Jan 26th deadline, but is not listed as a project by February 1, contact the fair manager by email ASAP.


Projects not in the U.S. mail by 6PM Jan 26th may be hand delivered on or before February 1st to 2321 Harvard Street in Palo Alto. Please leave the application in the drop-off box on the front porch; it is checked frequently.  Please be sure a check made out to “SCVSEFA” for the application fee is securely attached to the application ($15 per individual project, $30 for team project).