Who can sponsor


The sponsor is usually a teacher at the school the student attends. The sponsor is the primary contact with SCVSEFA for applications, paperwork, etc.

The sponsor takes responsibility for submitting and signing paperwork. If the project was done at school, the sponsor is also responsible for active supervision of the experimentation.


The mentor provides specialized technical guidance in the specific area of the student’s research. The sponsor and the mentor may be the same person.

Parent Sponsored Projects

Any homeschool student may enter the fair with a Parent Sponsored Project.

In addition, under the following conditions, middle-school students  who cannot find a teacher sponsor may enter Parent Sponsored Projects:

  • No teacher at the student’s middle school is willing to sponsor projects to the Synopsys Championship.
  • Participating teachers at the student’s middle school are only willing to sponsor their own students and the student’s teacher is not participating.
  • Other exceptions may be granted permission on a case-by-case basis.
  • Parents of students coming in under PSP must attend a teacher workshop.


Parents of high school students who do not have a participating teacher at their school may also submit a PSP.

Projects done at Regulated Research Institutions (Universities and Corporations with internal SRC/IACUC committees)

  • Only High School students (grades 9–12) may conduct research at an RRI. All RRI projects will be judged against one another.