Questions about SCVSEFA Sponsorship for Further Fairs

How are winners to the California Science & Engineering Fair (CSEF) selected?

Each year, we are allotted a number of spots in the California Science & Engineering Fair by the CSEF organization  The CSEF allocation is calculated on a 5 year rolling average of the number of projects from our local Championship which won at the state fair level.  For 2018, we were allotted 101 projects at State Fair.

The projects were ranked on fair day by the CSEF judging team (CSEF Judging FAQs), and the top 101 projects are notified that they qualify to attend at the Awards Ceremony.  Note: Category judging results do not determine CSEF judging results. First place category winners are not necessarily eligible to attend.  The Synopsys Championship has more first place winners than the slots allotted to us by CSEF.

Of the qualified projects, the top 12 (6 each at middle school and high school) will also be sponsored financially by SCVSEFA.   These Championship winners are given a paid trip to State Fair in Los Angeles, and reimbursed the $45 Application fee.   The next 89 projects are not financially sponsored in any way by SCVSEFA.

If you received a CSEF eligibility email or letter at the Awards ceremony indicating that you are a qualified student, go to the State Fair website  and register online and pay your application fee immediately.

If qualified students do not want to attend, their spots will become available to persons/projects who are wait-listed alternates according to the Synopsys Championship ranking of the scientific merit of their project. Alternates will not be qualified to attend the fair unless a Qualified winner does not apply, thereby making space available.


How are winners to Intel International Science and
Engineering Fair (ISEF) selected?

The selection of projects for Intel ISEF is called Grand Prize Judging. The Grand Prize Judges are specifically at the Synopsys Championship to choose the top projects for grades 9 through 12.  They are highly qualified, experienced judges with differing areas of expertise among them.

The top 10 high school projects at the Synopsys Championship are awarded Grand Prize, and are given a paid trip to Intel ISEF.

How are winners of eligibility to enter the Broadcom MASTERS competition selected?

First Place category award winners in middle school from our fair who receive a letter of eligibility at the Awards Ceremony may apply.
See the website for this competition