Special Awards Judges

Registration, Role and Logistics

If you are a Special Awards Judge, you probably are from the sponsoring organization, and either you have been in touch with one of our Special Awards coordinators, or you have been invited by one of your colleagues.

All Special Awards are sponsored either by a corporation or a professional organization or an individual. Special Award judges evaluate projects that meet the criteria of the sponsoring organization. Special awards may take many forms, including certificates, cash, trips, equipment, and work fellowships.

Special Award Judges must enter their names on the organization form so that we can assist you on the day of the fair with relevant information and logistics. Alternatively, the organization can also give the names of the judges to one of the coordinators in the Special Awards Committee. Judges may also be provided by SCVSEFA, if requested.

Choosing winners on day of Fair

On the day of the Fair, you will get a list of all projects or projects in specific scientific categories like Biochemistry or Physics.

Projects, whether individual or team, are considered the same. If you choose a project that is incidentally a team project, be sure you have sufficient awards for each team member.

Each project will have copies of its Abstract at the project table. As you talk with students, the lead judge should pick up a copy of the Abstract of each project that you will consider for an award. The Special Awards desk will need a copy of the Abstract for each project receiving an award.

Presentation of Awards

Awards will be presented to the student exhibitors in one afternoon at two Awards Ceremonies (one for grades 6 through 8 and one for grades 9 through 12), to which you are cordially invited. Details of the April 2018 ceremony location will be available after the Fair.

Special Awards Judging Schedule for Thursday, March 15, 2018

11:00 am to
Judge Check-InPick up badge and judging materials at the Special Awards Judging Registration Desk (Located in the middle of South Hall)
11:30 am to
1:00 pm
Judge Lunch (provided)Meet with your organization team members at the designated lunch tables. (See the large floor map at the table area.)
12:30 pmOrientation TalkExpectations and Rules
1:00 pmJudges Preview Assigned ProjectsStudents not present
1:30 pm for high school projects,
2:00 pm for middle school projects
Judges Interview StudentsStudents enter. Over 400 Category, Special, Grand Prize, and California State Science Fair judges interview students at this time. It is recommended that each judge separately interview the student.
3:30 pm
or earlier
Select WinnersMeet with your judging team. Discuss projects. Select winners. Prepare helpful comments to students on yellow sheets (not obligatory).
5:00 pm
or earlier
Turn in ResultsTeam leaders submit list of winners and their abstracts at the Special Judging Registration Desk.
5:00 pm to
6:00 pm
View Other Projects & Encourage StudentsJudges are free to view other projects until Fair closes. Students remove their projects from the floor at 6 pm.

Parking for the 2018 Championship

Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions we cannot offer a parking subsidy. There are several parking lots surrounding the convention center which offer $7/day parking. We strongly encourage carpooling and use of mass transit. Click Here for Parking Information.

Registration for 2018 Championship

Are you the Primary Contact for an Award-sponsoring organization? Please review and update your special awards. If you have any questions, email us at specialawards@science-fair.org .

Sponsoring a New Award for 2018?

Are you interested in sponsoring an award for 2018? Contact the Special Awards Chair,  at specialawards@science-fair.org .

Special Awards Judging Guidelines

Special Awards Login

SCVSEFA Harassment Policy

General Guidelines for talking to students

Special Awards Contact/Email:  specialawards@science-fair.org


Project Lists for the 2018 Synopsys Championship

These documents will not be available for the 2018 fair until 1-2 weeks prior to the fair.

  • 2017_INFO_master_project_list_ALL_0325 (PDF)
  • Master Project List and Floorplan Map (PDF, gender sort)
  • Master Project List (Microsoft Excel)
  • 2017 Project Number Legend (PDF)
  • Floorplan Map (PDF)