Fair Check-in Day

Fair Project Check-in Day

Wednesday, March 14, 2018  Anytime between Noon and 6 PM.  Come early to avoid crowds.

Location and Drop Off Logistics

San Jose McEnery Convention Center, South Hall (looks like a big blue and white tent)

Parking may be tight in the convention center area. There is no free parking at South Hall. Please see our website parking info.

Parking Map at the FAIR

Students and projects may be dropped off at the curb on Viola St. next to the sign STUDENT DROP OFF. However there is no waiting on Viola. Make arrangements to contact students (by cell phone) if they need to be picked up at the same sidewalk location. Teachers who wish to assist students will need to find a nearby public parking lot and meet students at the Information Desk inside.

Teachers who have a registration for Group Check-In (greater than 5 projects to bring in without student help), will have parking available on a first come/first served basis near the South Hall provided space is available. The parking attendants have a list of Group Check-In teachers.

What to Bring (Student or Designated Adult)

  • Your Project Board and Research Notebook.
  • Engineering project or laptop if needed. (see Project Display Rules)
  • A completed 2-page Compliance Checklist (see Project Status for the project number)
  • Copies of your Abstract (download templates for Abstract and Compliance Checklist from Forms page)
    • Grades 9–12, should bring 15–20 copies of your abstract.
    • Grades 6–8, should bring 10 copies of your abstract.
  • The Compliance Checklist and 1 copy of the Abstract must be taped to the desk in front of the display board after Check-In and become property of the student when the fair closes at 6 PM on March 15.

What Else to Bring

  • Does your project have human participants?  Bring in all the completed Human Informed Consent Forms (one form signed by each human participant) & Form 4.
  • Is your project a continuation from last year?  Bring a completed Form 7.
  • Was your project done at a Registered Research Institution?  Bring 2 copies of Form 1C.  One copy will be left at Registration with your application. The second copy must be with your project board, taped to the desk in front of display board.

Prepare for Championship Judging Day

There is a page for Judging Day and a printable guide: What-to-expect-at-the-fair

SYNOPSYS CHAMPIONSHIP public viewing 5-6 PM on March 15.